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The information world is evolving faster and faster. The amount of information is increasing daily making it more difficult to understand. Therefore, one of the future challenges is to organize this information to make it more comprehensible.

In order to organize this information, it must be presented in a way that can be understood. And one of the best ways to present information is the form of map. Maps have been a part of our culture for a long time, and they help us to find what we're looking for.

So gTweetMap is a project to help you find what you seek, merging data originated daily in Twitter with Google Maps. Find geolocated tweets, and place them on a map. So you are able to find what you were looking for. Understand what is happening and where is it happening.

Examples of uses that the tool can have:
- Search for hashtags of social movements
- Search for a user tweets
- Search for tweets mentioning a particular user
- Search trending topics in social network
- Search for any text
And some more

gTweetMap is the implementation of a research work of Baccalaureate. Its main objective has been the development of a tool that enables the geographic location of different social phenomena, using geolocation information from social networks. This project has been awarded in an international and a local awards: the "52°North Student Innovation Prize" (Heidelberg, March 2013) and the "Forum de recerca de Les Corts" (Barcelona, April 2013).